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If you’ve been learning JavaScript you’ve probably run into “this” a few times, usually with a minimal explanation followed by something along the lines “don’t worry about how this works it’ll make more sense later on”. Well now it’s later on, so what is this?

This: A property of an execution context (global, function or eval) that, in non–strict mode, is always a reference to an object and in strict mode can be any value. -MDN docs

To understand what that means you have to understand how JavaScript executes code. Let’s start with a basic understanding of this, different examples…

Until very recently I had a very basic level of JavaScript knowledge, I’d solved a few leetcode questions with desirable speed and memory usage, I could set event listeners on DOM elements to do basic things, and I’d even experimented with making requests to APIs. Still, I didn’t feel the confidence I do with python or ruby. Over the past few weeks, I’ve put my nose to the JavaScript grindstone and really gained a better understanding of how the language works. To galvanize my understanding of several concepts I built a very bare-bones knockoff of an app I like Coolors…

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Over the past few months I’ve learned Ruby on Rails, along the way I’ve built numerous little projects, none of which were really what I would consider portfolio worthy. So in an attempt to create something I could show off to potential employers I decided to build Quizzical an app which allows teachers to remotely administer pop quizzes to their students. …

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


Interestingly enough, this project began out of necessity, while I was working on an entirely different project using a piece of cardboard and post-it notes as a make-shift Kanban board I became pretty frustrated with three aspects of my McGuyver’ed creation.

  1. The bottleneck on my throughput caused by the small size of post-it notes.
  2. The apathetic adhesive used by post-it notes.
  3. My inability to read my own handwriting.

So with my intended project securely placed on the back burner I decided to build myself a Kanban board using Ruby, Sinatra, and ActiveRecord.


At it’s core, a Kanban Board is a…


Wannabe Pythonista

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